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With Thanksgiving less than a day away and the holiday season to immediately follow, reaching out to those in need will soar. Before we enter the hectic holiday season, we want to let you know the scope of the problem we are seeking to address.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness in 2007 the District of Columbia had 5,320 homeless people and the state of Virginia had 9,746 homeless people.

 At Thanksgiving time 3 years ago, there were 22,000 victims of domestic violence (National Alliance to End Homelessness, November 2006).

A study performed in Massachusetts discovered 92% of homeless women have experienced domestic violence (National Alliance to End Homelessness, Fact Checker, June 2007).

The 2009 Fairfax County Point in time survey found 25% of families had experienced domestic violence and 11% of singles had as well.

Victims of domestic violence must rebuild their entire lives from scratch – they lack a steady income, employment and credit history, landlord references, and resources to recover from the trauma and move toward self-sufficiency. That’s why organizations like Bethany House of Northern Virginia exist – to stand in the gap with the necessary resources and help on their road to recovery. These women and children can overcome homelessness and domestic violence, but they need the right services and support to do so.

Last fiscal year, we served 494 women and children in crisis. The number was down from most years due to a lack of transitional housing. The demand for our services continues to increase, especially during the colder weather. However, this past year we did not experience any lulls in the demand for our services, but rather experienced higher demands for our services.

This holiday season, as you reach out to those in need, may these numbers remind you of the urgent need not only during the holidays, but throughout the entire year.

Thank you for your support!


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