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Change is in the air

A new breeze of change is in the air in the life skills classes held on Thursday nights. We have recruited volunteers with experience and knowledge in areas our clients need and designed the life skills classes around these areas. This month launched the first of a new 5 month series of revamped life skills classes.

The life skills classes take place every other Thursday night. Here are the new life skills classes we are offering:

January – self care

February – legal issues

March – child development/parenting

April – parenting

May – nutrition


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Post by: J. Wassermann

On the way home from work yesterday, I was listening to the National Public Radio (NPR) station. A man who was in Haiti said even a $10 donation would help provide much needed first aid kit supplies there.

Since part of my job is to raise funds for Bethany House, I appreciated how even in a crisis, this man was able to help people see the value giving even $10.

According to the Red Cross, 1 in 3 Haiti people were impacted by the earthquake! I am encouraged to see the world racing to help out in whatever way is possible. As the people in Haiti recover from this devastating event, my hope is that it will remind us all of how important it is to rally around those in crisis – whether it is donating $10 or flying there to hand out medical supplies ourselves. We all have a role to play in reaching out to those in crisis and need.

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