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Instead of spending money on favors for her wedding, one Bethany House volunteer opted to host a Valentine’s Day Party for the families in our shelters.

Back in November 2009, the volunteer approached Bethany House about the chance to provide a meal and gifts to the women and children. It was decided Valentine’s Day would be a great time to bless the families.

During the holiday season, the community pours out support to families in our shelters. Once Valentine’s Day rolls around, things are quiet and it is an ideal time to remind the women and children the community still cares.

The families enjoyed a tasty meal and received gifts. After eating lunch, the children participated in crafts while the mothers were given one hour to themselves. Both the women and children thoroughly appreciated the party.

Our volunteers continue to go above and beyond to reach out to the families in our shelters. Thank you!


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Women at our shelter often find Valentine’s Day tough because they used to have “special someone.” Even though that “special someone” was abusive, they still received a special gift or have some sweet memory from the day.

When Valentine’s Day rolls in at our shelter, some of the women struggle with feeling like no one cares for them. This year, Virginia Spine Institute in Reston came to the rescue. The staff worked together to provide beautiful gift baskets for the women. The baskets provided a tangible way for the women to be pampered. TheĀ  baskets were filled with pampering treats like body wash, lotion, candy, make-up, etc.

When the women received the baskets, it reminded them people do care for them. The women were able to enjoy a special gift and be reminded they could make it without their abusers…even on Valentine’s Day.

Thank you to all the staff at Virginia Spine Institute for letting the clients know someone cares for them this past Valentine’s Day. You made a difference!

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Photograph by: Michael Katz

Eleven nonprofits gathered under one roof celebrating on a Friday night.

On Friday, January 29, Bethany House of Northern Virginia (BHNV) attended a grant celebration event organized by the Giving Circle of Hope. The Giving Circle of Hope awarded BHNV and 10 other organizations grants to serve those in need throughout Northern Virginia.

BHNV received funds to provide emergency shelter and services to women and children who are homeless because of domestic violence. BHNV was pleased to be selected as recipient by the Giving Circle of Hope.

Throughout the celebration event, BHNV was impressed by how well-informed and genuinely concerned the members of the Giving Circle of Hope were for the those in need throughout Northern Virginia.

Thank you Giving Circle of Hope for the ways you partner with nonprofits serving those in need!

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