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Pampering women

This past weekend, current and aftercare clients received a day of pampering. Women had the opportunity to receive manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, make-up, relaxation, spiritual counseling, and food. The children participated in separate activities in order to give the women a day to relax and be pampered.

“I haven’t had someone take care of me in a really long time,” said a Bethany House client.

Indeed, all of the women who attended the event were pleased for the chance to relax and have someone pamper them.

“I feel lovely!” said a former Bethany House client after receiving some of the services.

A huge thank you to Duffy House, Burke United Methodist Church, the organizations who donated their time, resources, and services, as well as all the volunteers who made this special event possible!

Thank you for blessing the women and children!


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This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. BHNV is thankful for the time and energy volunteers pour into the lives of the women and children who come through our shelter doors.

This week BHNV celebrates our volunteers and is grateful for their dedication to help eliminate domestic violence one family at a time. Our volunteers often go the extra mile to provide care and support to the families in our shelters. Our volunteers are a valuable asset to our organization, to the families in our programs, and to the community.

Without our volunteers we would be unable to provide the quality of care, service, and support families in crisis need.


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As Easter approaches, evidences of spring is on its way. As we take a walk, we can see little flowers spourting up from the ground, some flowers starting to blossom, grass turning green, and little bunnies chasing each other through the trees. Winter is fading and spring is rising.

Our office has filled up with baskets of Easter bunny candy, toys, candy eggs, lotion, and anything else you can fit into a basket. The baskets serve a two-fold purpose. First, they remind the families people do care for and think of them. Despite the chaos they left behind and the uncertainty about the future, they are reminded someone cares. Second, the baskets remind the families to reflect upon why Christians celebrate Easter.

Christians celebrate Easter because Christ rose from the dead – He conquered sin and death! He provided a way for those who confess Him as their Lord and Savior, a way to  have new life. Indeed we have much to celebrate all year around, but spring is a great example of this truth.

Bethany House would like to thank the following groups and churches for providing Easter baskets and goods to the families we are serving and have served over the last couple years:

– Saint Mary of Sorrows

– Columbia Baptist Church

– Elks Auxiliary

– Clarendon United Methodist Women

Have a blessed Easter!

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