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With your help and support, we’veĀ  been able to meet the needs of families in crisis.

Last year, we provided Helpline services to 886 women and children in need. With your ongoing support, we provided shelter and support services to 80 women and children in our shelters.

Through your ongoing partnership, we can continue to make an impact in the lives of women and children who are homeless because of domestic violence.

Our supporters have ensured families receive the necessary basics for everyday needs as well as hosted fun events like a Valentine’s Day lunch or a reading event for families.

Thus it is no surprise that because of our supporters Bethany House was selected as one of the top 70 non-profits in the DC Metro area by the Catalogue for Philanthropy.

Without your ongoing support, Bethany House would be unable to provide much needed services to those in crisis. Thank you for your support and continue to partner with us! We’re making a difference together!


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When asked what does Bethany House mean to our volunteers, here’s what we heard:

“Friendship. Laughter. Strong values. Living Christ. Improving lives without expecting anything in return.”

“The services Bethany House provides is incredible. I can see the effect your services have on the women and children an it is an honor to be a part of this organization.”

“A source of inspiration to me to watch the women who are able to use Bethany House services. It has been very rewarding to watch their confidence and skills grow – thank you Doris for having the heart for this worthy cause 30 years ago – seeing the need and doing something.”

“Bethany House is a sanctuary for women with open arms for all.”

“Bethany House is a safe haven for women to heal, re-group, gain new skills, and a new direction, with the blessing of Jesus.”

“Bethany House is a safe haven for the women and children. Bethany House offers hope and love, most importantly, by showing them our Father’s love.”

“A loving family opening arms and hearts to the families in the community.”

Thank you to our volunteers who partner with us to reach out to those in need within our own communities!

What does partnering together to eliminate domestic violence one family at a time mean to you?

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