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Last week, Chris Brown apologized on camera for abusing his wife. Some people have commented that they feel it wasn’t genuine and was too late.

It is hard to judge someone’s genuineness by watching a two minute video. In the Bible (James 4:11, 12), it warns us from making judgments about other’s motives. What Chris did was wrong. The road to proving he is truly sorry is long.

If he is genuine, then he needs to do some serious work. He needs to prove he is changing. He needs to get help and prove he is even worthy to be a role model. He will show himself worthy to be a role model when he has truly transformed.

He needs to prove he didn’t say he was sorry just because he got caught. When a child gets caught for trying to take a cookie from cookie jar, they only say sorry because they got caught. They only offer to “be good” as a form of penance. Apologies for the wrong reasons, don’t count.

Yet, if Chris is really sorry, then his life should reflect that. If he isn’t, his life will show it. His true colors will come out in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think about his apology:


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