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Jack the Ripper, a serial killer who preyed on prostitutes in 1888 London, may have a 21st century protégé.

Rocky Mount, North Carolina, has been restless due to the unexplained disappearances of nine women since 2005.  These woman happen to be prostitutes who use this income to either support their children or drug habits.  So far, six bodies have been recovered without any evidence, raising suspicion that the killer is a meticulous professional.

But why kill prostitutes?  It is believed that in this case, it’s because they are perceived as useless wastes that “won’t be missed”.

Vivian Lord, chairwoman of the criminal justice department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, said that if one killer is responsible, he is likely trying to cleanse the world of prostitutes or deliberately picking victims he knows won’t be missed.

These women do indeed have families that care for them even if their profession isn’t terribly desirable.

Juray Tucker, the mother of 37-year-old Yolanda Lancaster, missing since February, said she wants to help with fundraising but doesn’t get much time now that she has to care for her daughter’s children.

The worst part is that only since this past June, when the latest decomposing body was found, has the FBI gotten involved.

Read the entire story here (Fox News).

Only someone who is so careless towards human life would have no problem with over four years of killing.  Even though these women “jump in and out of cars”, they’re still human beings struggling for a decent life.  They’re women stuck in a degrading career, trying to take care of their families.  Why do they “deserve” to die?

What makes you or me a more important soul and thus deserving life more so than one of these nine women?


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